No More Reasons to Be Scared of Pressure Cookers

No More Reasons to Be Scared of Pressure Cookers

Electric Pressure Cookers will Be Your Favorite Small Appliance

I’ve been using pressure cookers for a while not. First a traditional style small one for dinners (they cook foods soooo fast) and then a canning pressure cooker. I’ll admit, there was a fear factor with using both, but now that I’ve got the hang of pressure cooking. That makes the new electric pressure cookers all the more exciting. There’s nothing to be afraid of and as a matter of fact, they practically run themselves… safely, might I add. It’s the best new small appliance on the market.

So what the thing about pressure cookers that’s had people hiding under their kitchen tables? In your grandmother’s day, stories of pressure cookers exploding were not uncommon. Even back then they were mostly safe… as long as you’re paying attention. I think that’s where folks got in trouble and blew holes through their ceilings. You can’t walk away from a traditional pressure cooker.

The new electric pressure cooker, however, are automatically set so you don’t have to send time waiting for it to get to temperature and them monitoring it throughout the cooking process. Now, punch a few button, set the timer and head off to another room to read a book, watch TV or play with the kids. Dinner cooks up fast and delicious.

Fast is one of the great features about pressures cookers, electric or not. Dry beans can cook up in 25 minutes. Yup, 25 minutes. Even with the time it takes to get the cooker up to pressure, you still save about half the cooking time of traditional methods.

A pressure cooker is also great for tenderizing cheap cuts of meat. Any meat that benefits from long, slow cooking also benefits from short, high-pressure cooking. As I said, it’s one of the best new small appliances on the market. To see how a number of models stacked up in a comparison conducted by the Los Angeles Times, click here.